United States radio stations streaming live on the internet

Alternative Rock Radio Stations

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Streams marked (*) are available to US internet users only.

Radio station Location State Listen Live
KBZT San Diego California Windows Media 33 Kbps
KCXX - X 1039 San Bernadino California Windows Media 64 Kbps
KDGE - 102.1 The Edge Dallas Texas Windows Media 36 Kbps
KDLD - Indie 103.1 Los Angeles California MP3 32 Kbps, 96 Kbps
KFMA Tucson Arizona Windows Media 20 Kbps
KHBZ - The Buzz Oklahoma City Oklahoma Windows Media 32 Kbps
KITS - Live 105 San Francisco California Flash Player StreamTheWorld
KJQN Salt Lake City Utah Windows Media StreamAudio
KKPL - 99.9 The Point Fort Collins Colorado Windows Media 32 Kbps
KNDD - 107.7 The End Seattle Washington Windows Media 33 Kbps
KNRK Portland Oregon Windows Media 33 Kbps
KPNT - 105.7 The Point St Louis Missouri Windows Media 48 Kbps
KQRX - 95X Midland Texas Windows Media 20 Kbps
KRBZ - 96.5 The Buzz Kansas City Missouri Windows Media 33 Kbps
KROQ Los Angeles California Flash Player
32 Kbps
KRUA - The Edge Anchorage Alaska MP3 24 Kbps, 96 Kbps
KTBZ - 94.5 The Buzz Houston Texas Windows Media 34 Kbps
KTEG - 104.7 The Edge Albuquerque New Mexico Windows Media 32 Kbps
KXRK - X96 Salt Lake City Utah Windows Media 20 Kbps
KUCD - Star 101.9 Honolulu Hawaii Windows Media StreamAudio
KUCI Irvine California MP3 24 Kbps, 128 Kbps
KXTE - X107.5 Las Vegas Nevada Windows Media 64 Kbps
KZGL Cottonwood Arizona Windows Media 32 Kbps
WAVF - 96 Wave Charleston South Carolina Windows Media 33 Kbps
WBSX - 97.9X Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania Windows Media 33 Kbps
WBZY - HD2 Atlanta Georgia Windows Media 32 Kbps
WCYY Portland Maine Windows Media 33 Kbps
WDYL - Y101 Richmond Virginia Windows Media 23 Kbps
WEND - 106.5 The End Charlotte North Carolina Windows Media 32 Kbps
WEQX - 102.7 EQX Manchester Vermont Windows Media 31 Kbps
WFNX Boston Massachusetts Windows Media 32 Kbps
WGRD Grand Rapids Michigan Windows Media 32 Kbps
WGVX - Drive 105 Minneapolis Minnesota Windows Media 42 Kbps
WHFS - HD2 Baltimore Maryland Flash Player StreamTheWorld
WHRL - Channel 103.1 Albany New York Windows Media 32 Kbps
WJBX - 99X Fort Myers Florida Windows Media 24 Kbps
WJRR - Real Rock 101.1 Orlando Florida Windows Media 36 Kbps
WJSE - The Ace Atlantic City New Jersey Windows Media 31 Kbps
WKRL - 100.9 K-Rock Syracuse New York Windows Media 32 Kbps
WNNX - 99X Atlanta Georgia Windows Media 34 Kbps
WOXY - 97X Cincinnati Ohio Windows Media
20 Kbps
24 Kbps, 64 Kbps
WPGU Champaign Illinois MP3 112 Kbps
WPLA - Planet Radio 107.3 Jacksonville Florida Windows Media 36 Kbps
WROX - 96X Norfolk Virginia Windows Media 96 Kbps
WRXL - 102.1 The X Richmond Virginia Windows Media 32 Kbps
WRZX - X-103 Indianapolis Indiana Windows Media 48 Kbps
WSAM West Hartford Connecticut Real Audio SureStream
WSFM - Surf 98.3 Wilmington North Carolina Windows Media 48 Kbps
WSWI Evansville Indiana MP3 24 Kbps
WSUN - 97x Tampa Florida Windows Media StreamAudio
WTZB - 105.9 The Buzz Sarasota Florida Windows Media 32 Kbps
WWCD - CD101 Columbus Ohio Windows Media 32 Kbps
WXDX - The X Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Windows Media 34 Kbps
WXEG - 103.9 The X Dayton Ohio Windows Media 32 Kbps
WXEG - HD2 Dayton Ohio Windows Media 51 Kbps
WXRK - 92.3 K-Rock Cleveland Ohio Flash Player StreamTheWorld
WYVR - 97.7 The River Springfield Illinois Windows Media 31 Kbps
XTRA FM - 91X San Diego California Windows Media 33 Kbps

Stream types:
Windows Media  requires Windows Media Player
Real audio  requires Real Player
MP3  requires a streaming MP3 player such as Winamp, iTunes, Foobar2000 or VLC Media Player
Ogg Vorbis  requires an Ogg Vorbis compatible player such as Winamp, Foobar2000 or VLC Media Player
aacPlus  requires an aacPlus player such as Winamp 5.08+, Foobar2000 or VLC Media Player
Flash Player  requires Adobe Flash Player
Quicktime  requires Quicktime Player