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Black Metal: -

Breath Of Night Records: Extreme metal -

CD Europe: -

Compact Disc Connection: - Unknown

Demon's Disks: -

Demonosound: - Unknown

Extreme Subterranea: -

Full Moon Productions: -

German Music Express: - Unknown

HardKnocks Records: - Unknown

House Of Kicks: -

Impulse: -

Independent Distribution Network: Distribution for unknown and independant music acts. - Unknown

Invasion Records: - Unknown

Manifold Records: -

Moribund Records: -

Nazgul's Eyrie Productions: - Unknown

Pantheon Records: - Unknown

Restless & Wild Imports: - Unknown

Sick Creations: -

Skinnies Records: Punk, Hardcore, Ska, Metal, & Goth - Steve Athey

Song Search: Online music ordering, includes a large selection of extreme music. - Unknown

Spinefarm: - Unknown

Sterilized Decay: - Unknown

Turn It Up!: CDs and Merchandise -

Visceral Productions: -

Visual Vinyl: Metal & Hard Rock - Andy

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