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CD Covers, band photos, lyrics, and other archivable items
Mass storage of band information and other music related items
Web Chat pages, PenPal services, or IRC sites
Music distributors and mail-order services
Commerical services such as equipment sales, tape duplication, and compilation CDs
Radio Shows
Homepages for radio shows around the world
Specific Genre
Resources relating to a specific set of genres
Television Shows
Homepages for television programs
More Links
Sites with large lists of links to other sites, bands or otherwise
Specific Country
Resources related to a specific country or region
Newsletters and/or continuous news services
Personal Pages
Pages from the fans
Agents, Marketing, Managament
Record Labels
Web presence from the minor to major record labels
Guitar Tabs
Tabs and other musical references
Major Events
Information about large music events
Magazines, Zines, E-Zines, WebZines
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The pages in the bands section are verified by both manual and automated means. When we get the chance we check on some of the links to see if they have moved, to search out more links, and to remove ones that are no longer valid.

Additionally we have a variety of automated tools, provided by dis-Emi-A, that update our lists, generate new lists, and verify the links. The verification that they use is to check whether the page exists. This eliminates bad URLs, but it still leaves pages that have been replaced by a notice of their removal, or a moved to link. dis-Emi-A is trying to find more ways of determining whether the pages are valid to remedy these last problems.