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American Recordings: - Unknown

Amphetamine Reptile Records: - Unknown

Black Mark: -

Black Sun Records: Death Metal -

Bloodlust Productions: Extreme label in Norway -

Century Media: - Unknown

Chainsaw Records: -

Chameleon Dream Records: - Unknown

Cleopatra / Hypnotic: - Unknown

Cold Meat Industry: - Unknown

Cold Spring Records: Experimental and extreme music from Japan. -

Conquest Music: - Unknown

Cosmos: -

Crimewave Records: -

Crimewave Records: - Unknown

Dark Raven Records: - Unknown

Dark Serene: -

Defiled Records: -

Defiled Records: - Unknown

Delinquent Records: Gothic, Industrial, Glam Rock, 80's Hard Rock - Unknown

Displeased Records: Dutch label -

Double Noise: - Unknown

Double Noise Records: Noise - Unknown

Dracma Records: Label in Italy. -

DREG Records: - Unknown

DSFA Records: - Unknown

Earache Records: - Unknown

Elektra: - Unknown

Full Moon Productions: -

Geffen / DGC: - Unknown

HardKnocks Records: - Unknown

Holy Records: - Unknown


Hypervorea / Sub Terra Records: - Unknown

I Scream Records: - Unknown

Lost Disciple Records: - Unknown

Magnificence Records: - Unknown

Mammoth Records: - Unknown

Manifold Records: -

Metal Blade: -

Moonfog Productions: Norway - Unknown

Moribund Records: -

Mortal Coil Records: -

Napalm Records America: - Unknown

Noise Records: - Unknown

Noiz Boiz: - Unknown

Pavement Music: - Unknown

Peaceville: - Unknown

Pentagon: - Unknown

Property Line Dispute Records: - Unknown

Re-Constriction: - Unknown

Red Stream: -

Relapse Records: A site for Relapse Records and Release Entertainment. -

Resistance: - Unknown

Roadrunner Records: - Unknown

Rotten Records: - Unknown

Round Flat Records: - Unknown

Round Flat Records: Punk, Ska, Indie, Metal, Alternative, Industrial - Unknown

Septima Records: - Unknown

Shrapnel Records: -

Sick Creations: -

Sing Sang Records: - Unknown

Sony: - Unknown

Spinefarm: - Unknown

Sterilized Decay: - Unknown

Tender Stone: - Unknown

Time-Warner: - Unknown

Titan Records: - Unknown

Total War Productions: - Unknown

Tummy Tone Records: In Toronto Canada -

TVT Records: - Unknown

Van-Richter: - Unknown

Victory Records: - Unknown

Vinyl Tap Records: - Unknown

Visceral Productions: -

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