22   Rook Around Me World • April, 1977

“Next”: They sound less

like where they came from,

and more like Journey.

Three albums ago,

ex-members of Santana,

the Steve Miller Band and

the Mothers of Invention

combined talents to form


Reviewers couldn’t

help comparing their new

music to their former bands (quite favorably, we

might add). And concert goers went to see what

their old friends Gregg Rohe, Neal Schon, Ross Valory

and Aynsley Dunbar were up to these days.

Now, with “Next,’ it’s official. Journey is

a musical force all its own.

Listen to “Next,’ and you’ll never again think of

Gregg, Neal, Ross and Aynsley as anything

but members of Journey.

On Columbia Records and Tapes.

Produced by Journey for Nightmare Productions, Inc   caumso mous AIL L 19,C83.4C