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SHOW 496 June 6 -12


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SHOW #97 June 13 – 19

FOGHAT in concert




in concert

There’ll be a riot in your radio when these two collections of ravers get together. First up will be the boisterous rock ‘n’ roll of Dr. Feelgood, a band that’s at their best when destroying an audience. They’ve been called everything from a throwback to the Rolling Stones to a (groan) nostalgia band, but what they ARE in actual fact is a group that knows its’ roots and prefers to work close to them. They’re a huge success in England. and you’ll hear why with an exclusive live concert recorded in London.

Completing the aural bombardment will be Foghat, a band that spends more time on the road than Greyhound. A while back, RATW featured the lads in a special studio broadcast, and the response was so favorable, we’ve brought them back for a return engagement. It’s high energy on a live wire.

SHOW #98 June 20 – 26

interview & concert

A group like Renaissance comes along far too infrequently these days; their music is symphonic in nature and structure. and Annie Haslam’s voice is one of popular music’s most endearing sounds. Listen in as RATW sits down with John Tout, Terrence Sullivan and Jon Camp of Renaissance as they discuss the philosophy and music of Renaissance. Also featured will be tracks from their superb live album recorded in New York as well as some UNRELEASED live material. A special hour with a special group.

SHOW #99 June 21 – July 3

ROBERT PALMER in concert


in concert

Robert Palmer, the man whose music combines the gentle sway of a mango tree with the funk of a walk down Bourbon St. sparkles in a live set recorded at Paul’s Mall in Boston through the facilities of WBCN-FM.

Also on tap for this hour will be the fresh new sounds of the Don Harrison Band. Including ex-Credence Clearwater Revivalists Stu Cook and Doug Clifford, the Harrison Band will be baring their musical fangs in a special broadcast.

Coming in July: “THE MOODY BLUES” Special

WLIR-FM. Y’all give a good listen to this one. heah?