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Dear Rock Around the World,

I can’t believe this is happening! A magazine with import reviews . . . I do hope “Rock Around the World” is not just another domestic “Creem” publication as such. But if I didn’t have respect for your show and all, I wouldn’t be subscribing. So thanks a lot.

Better music to the ears!

Joe Guidone

St. Alphonsus College

Suffield, Connecticut

Dear Rock Around the World,

I just heard your Crosby—Nash program Great work. Please put me down for a subscription to Rock Around the World.

Reuben Shetler

Smithville, Ohio

Dear Rock Around the World,

About a month ago, a good friend of mine came down from the cold north lands of Boston and brought a copy of R.A.T.W. with him for my review. I was and am impressed. There is a surprisingly educated musical community here, but we are starved for any decent musical criticism which at least for some part, your magazine seems to supply.

Halsey K. Scott Charlottesville, Virginia

Bryan Ferry

Good evening, music travellers . . . glad you could stop in at Rock Around The World’s Music Hotel, the renowned ‘Rocker Arms’ .. the efficient bellhop crew will assist you with your luggage . . . yes, you’re right, those bellhops are two of the sound-manipulators from TANGERINE DREAM—they’re picking up

some spare change for their new album called “Stratosfear” . . . . . . the Keyboard Suite has been reserved by DAVE GREENSLADE, who’s reforming his group, GREENSLADE, with different people—this version sports MICK ROGERS, SIMON PHILLIPS and DAVE MARKEE . . . NICKO the tossed aside skin basher from THE STREETWALKERS, has found a new home with THE PAT TRAVERS BAND (for an in-depth look at Pat Travers. check the UP AND COMING section on pg. 18) . . . in yet another edition of band-hopping, GARY

HOLTON has departed THE HEAVY METAL KIDS for a group called STICK UP, composed of OLLIE HALSALL, TONY NEWMAN and KEITH ELLIS (for you Anglophiles, that translates out to BOXER minus one MIKE PATTO) . . . that room down the hall with all the crossed-out names on it is the one URIAH HEEP rents for their bass-players; most recently occupied by JOHN WETTON.

Mick Ronson

the new occupant is TREVOR BOULDER, who used to be a Spider . . . got a phone call the other week from STEVE HARLEY in Los Angeles—seems the lad with the rose-coloured glasses has created a masterpiece in vinyl, titled “Love Is A Prima Donna” to be released in England early in November and in America in January—in the meantimes, various appendages of COCKNEY rebel have been keeping themselves busy, as GEORGE FORD and STUART ELLIOT guested on the most recent AL STEWART 1p (review is on pg.29), while keyboards mainstay DUNCAN McKAY is doing his own album with assistance from ANDREW McCULLOCH . . . down the hall and around the bend, you’ll find the Off The Wall Convention Room, the only room, we’re proud to say, that features no walls—anyway, the folks from ABC and Sire Records have rented the room to announce the domestic inkings of three of England’s non-conformist bands . . . KEVIN AYERS to ABC and SOFT MACHINE and CURVED AIR to Sire—a hearty ‘Well Done’ is very much in order. . .SWEET have returned from the land of the pagodas and delivered a new sin le, “Lost

Rick Wakeman

Angels” to one and all . . . PHIL

MANZANERA and BRIAN ENO’s twin collaboration, 801, is set to release a live album from one of the band’s three gigs to date—it’s called, obliquely, “801 Live” . . . also on the Manzanera front is a rumored one-time-only affiliation with IOCC . . . occupying our Bavarian Suite this month is the German congregation CAN, who’re busy celebrating the release of their newest album, “Flow Motion” unfortunately, keyboardist IRWIN SCHMIDT celebrated a bit too much, and is now sporting a broken arm and torn tendons .. .

. . . upstairs, in the Ectoplasm Suite, is contained one diverse selectio of musicians—the reason for the gathering is the PETER GABRIEL solo album, and the assembled multitude include our lad PETER, ROBERT FRIPP, LARRY FAST (Synergy/Nektar), the members of ALICE COOPER’s band, and the London Symphony Orchestra, all held in rein by BOB EZRIN . . . down in the Lounge Lizard Lounge. you’ll find the effervescent MAEL BROS., who have a new version of SPARKS, and a new 1p, titled “Big Beat” . after some time spent in closed door meetings, a new line-up has emerged for the STREETWALKERS—currently walking the streets/stages now are ROGER CHAPMAN, CHARLIE WHITNEY, BOBBY TENCH, MICKEY FEAT, DAVID DOWIE and BRIAN JOHNSON . . . from the ashes of

ARGENT has risen PHOENIX, composed of JOHN VERITY, JIM RODFORD, and ROBERT HENRIT . . hooray for a new SUTHERLAND BROS. album, “Slipstream,” but is it coming out here or not??? . . . also new vinyl coming down the chute from BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, the band that plays with a capital ELEGANCE, called “Octoberon” . . . speaking of sophisticated. sedate groups, STATUS QUO are set to record a live double album in Glasgow, Scotland sometime before the end of the year . . . and GINGER BAKER (remember him?) is assembling an 1p as well, starring CHRIS SPEDDING, RIC GRETCH and vocalist SNIPS . . . Wha’? Dept. —the hit Broadway musical “Grease” is being converted to celluloid, with the lead role being grabbed by JOHN ‘VINNIE BABA RINO’ TRAVOLTA, a Sweathog in good standing . . . as any good Scotsman knows, the Loch Ness Monster (or “Nessie”) has attracted considerable attention—now ALEX HARVEY has produced an album of ‘Loch Noises,’ complete with interviews about the retiring creature from eye-witnesses, titled “Alex Harvey Presents The Loch Ness Monster” .. . in the King Arthur Suite, there’s a new collection of extraordinary

Bill Bruford

musicians who’ve just cast their lot together—RICK WAKEMAN, BILL BRUFORD, and JOHN WETTON; no details are as yet available, other than a new RICK WAKEMAN album, “White Rock,” due in November. and JOHN WETTON touring as a member of THE BRYAN FERRY BAND (look for TBFB in America sometime next year) .. . currently holed up in the Destruction Suite is LED ZEP’s own gentleman farmer. JOHN BONHAM, who’s the first band member with a solo album done; produced by JIMMY PAGE in Switzerland, the album has no release date set as of now .. .

The-Can-You-Believe-It-Dept.: there’s a new album being released by DAVID CASSIDY, produced by MICK RONSON—the curious thing is that a band (the aptly titled ‘RONSON-CASSIDY BAND’) will emerge from the album as a performing unit .. . BLACK SABBATH learning some new incantations in California before embarking on an American tour in the near future . . . Boston’s own ANDY PALEY is sitting in on PATTI SMITH’s current tour on keyboards . . . that’s it from here—hope you enjoyed your visit to The Rocker Arms… .

. . . be seeing you .. . —Koz-

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