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To The Editor:

Mr. Schecter seems to be a politically biased gringo who can’t understand the real situation of the Cuban people. He claimed that he met a number of pro-establishment artists and filmmakers during his two visits to the island (Letters, Sept. ’77). However, the opinions of those individuals are irrelevant because: 1) there is no freedom of speech in Cuba, 2) a large percentage of Havana’s pseudo-intellectual elite is made up of chivatos (government informers) and pro-Soviet opportunists who have betrayed

the Nationalist ideals of the 1959 revolution, and 3) they completely depend on Castro’s regime for financial assistance.

The testimony of 800,000 Cubans—representing a wide cross-section of Cuba’s society—indicates the irrelevance of Mr. Schechter’s impressions. These exiles chose to abandon their beloved homeland and move to a racist and strange country in order to avoid Communist oppression. Although they are paying a hard price for’ their individual liberty, their exodus—the largest politically-motivated exodus ever recorded in the history of the Western Hemisphere—does not reflect any signs of “political myopia.”

Luis Tamargo II Hawthorne, CA

“I plead guilty for supporting the Cuban Revolution, a sentiment shared by the millions of Cubans who chose to stay and build a new society on their Island homeland.-

Danny Schechter

Schechter has more to say about Cuban Cultural life in this month’s column.(Ed.)

To The Editor:

Congratulations on your fantastic article about everyone’s favorite rock star/sex symbol, Roger Daltrey. His latest solo efforts prove that he’s still the greatest (yes, even with a safety pin stuck through his nose). One suggestion for you though; on your next cover story it would be nice to spell the name of the featured artist correctly—it’s Daltrey, not Daltry for God’s sake!

Anyway keep up the good work on the best freebie I’ve come across in years—you guys are unbelievable.

Donna Zerner Los Angeles, CA

Dear. R.A.T.W.

I really enjoy your magazine, especially the bits on the Starship, the Grateful Dead, Hot Tuna, Yes, and all the other great bands that you cover. In fact, Niall Krumpett’s pick of “A Trick of the Tail” as the best 1p of ’76 plus airplay made me go out and buy it, and since then I’ve been a Genesis fan.

My favorite features are “Hot Happenin’s,” “Uptown,” “Downtown,” “L.A. Getaway” and “London Notes.” I thought that the in-depth review of the Utopia concert was great. I would, however, like to see the 1p reviews and “Black Hole Star” again. They were very interesting features.

My major problem with this magazine is getting a copy every month. Once they appear in my local record store, they are grabbed right up. Is is still possible to get

subscrintions? If rot, would you please send me the August and September issues of RATW? I would appreciate it if you would.

Thanks for listening.

Richard Mason

Lexington, M A

Dear R.A.T.W.

I’d like to thank Niall Krumpett for doing a good review on one of Zeppelin’s gigs at Madison Square Garden. There are a few things I’d like to correct about his interpretation of the Zep songs. During the acoustic set they did “The Battle of Evermore” (here Pagey was on mandolin, Jonesy on Triple-neck), “Going to California” (not been), “Black Country Woman” and “Bron-y-aur Stomp” (with Jonesy on the upright-electric bass). I don’t see how Mr. Krumpett learned the titles as “As it Was,” “Been to California” and “Baby, What’s Wrong With You?” I understand Mr. Krumpett has not experienced the fabulous Zep since ’69. (During Jimmy’s first solo, Mr. Krumpett, after he did “White Summer” he did riffs from “Black Mountainside” off the first 1p. Also,

the “Unfamiliar piece with effective lighting” was “Kashmir.”)

Yes, Mr. Krumpett, Bonzo’s solo duz get a bit boring if you don’t appreciate drum solos. There is still one more thing I’d like to point out. The tune “Whole Lotta Love” was not the Small Faces tune, but is the opening cut of Zeppelin’s second 1p written by Bonzo, Jonesy, Pagey & Percey way back in ’69.

I understand also that the N.Y. performances may have been different than the Forum shows, but I don’t think Zep would do songs that weren’t theirs (except “White Summer”–yardbirds). They haven’t done other people’s songs since they first started out and now only do occasionally a few bars (i.e. “Boogie Mama”).

I did catch Zep at the L.A. Forum three times (including one with backstage passes —courtesy of Robert Plant) and thought they were utterly fantastic. Thanks for listenin’.

Sally Hayward

Canoga Park, CA.

P.S. Sorry this is so long but I would appreciate it if you would print it anyway.


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