RATW Radio Shows 1975
SHOW #221/5/75 Queen, Live Concert at the Rainbow Theatre, London Spring 1974, Roxy Music
SHOW #231/12/75 Hatfield & North, Can, Kraftwerk, Eno, Sparks, Pretty Things, Man, 18 Karat Gold, Be Bop Deluxe, Barclay James Harvest, Live
SHOW #241/19/75 Sensation’s Fix, Osanna, Rocky’s Filj, The Trip, Banco Del Muto Soccorso, Le Orme, Semiramis, Acqua Fragile
SHOW #251/26/75 Arthur Brown, Wizzard, Birth Control, Chilli Willie & The Red Hot Peppers, Tangarine Dream, Can, Syrinx, Brainstorm, Stomu Yamash’ta, Nucleus
SHOW #262/2/75 Renaissance, Jeff Beck/Yardbirds, Ten Years After, The Who, Peter Townshend, Christine Perfect, Fleetwood Mac, Roxy Music, David Bowie
SHOW #272/9/75 Barcly James Harvest, Gracious, Rare Bird, Gravy Train, Home, Caravan
SHOW #282/16/75 Peter Hammill, Van Der Graf Generator
SHOW #292/24/75 Luther Grosvenor, Public Foot the Roman, Spontaneous Combustion, Audience, Jade Warrior, Gordon Haskell, Giles, Giles and Fripp, McDonald and Giles, Flash
SHOW #303/2/75 Gentle Giant, Slade,System, Sadistic Mika Band, IBIS, Klaus Doldinger, Pop Workshop, Magma, Gong
SHOW #313/9/75 Mike Oldfield & The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Robert Wyatt, Clear Light Symphony, Tangarine Dream, White Noise, Hatfield & North, Steve Hillage, David Bedford
SHOW #323/16/75 Kevin Ayers, Franco Battiato, Eno, John Cale, Basil Krchin, Fripp/Eno, Andy Mackay, Paul Kossoff, Jess Roden, The Maytals, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff
SHOW #333/23/75 Wolf, String Friven Thing, Leslie West, Nektar
SHOW #343/30/75 Spencer Davis, John Baldry, Rod Stewart, The Steampacket, The Heard, The Animals, Soft Machine, The Yardbirds
SHOW #354/6//75 Capt. Lockeed & the Starfighter, Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come, Alain Goraguer, Le Orme, Seventh Wave, Gong, Nektar
SHOW #364/13/75 Peter Hammill, Cockney Rebel, UPP, Hatfield & The North
SHOW #374/20/75 Osanna, Tea, Clear Light Symphony, Adrian Wagner, Ian Hunter, Niemen, Genesis, Doldinger
SHOW #384/27/75 Bryan Ferry, Roxy Music, Nektar, The Pretty Things, Nektar, Kraftwerk Interview, Sparks, Pilot, Cockney Rebel, Soft Machine
SHOW #395/4/75 Andy Fraser Band, Arthur Brown, The Sweet, Oscar, Merlin, Doldinger
SHOW #405/11/75 Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Alain Goraguer, Third Ear Band, Monty Python, Can, Greenslade, The Kinks, Yardbirds
SHOW #415/18/75 Kevin Ayers, Triumvirat, Jet, Steve Hillage, Acqua Fragile, Neu
SHOW #425/25/75 Curved Air, Amon DuulII, Suzi Quatro, Steeleye Span, Slapp Happy, Renaissance, Julie Driscoll, The Mike Westbrook Concert Band, Jeannie Lewis, Linda Lewis, Christine Perfect, Maggie Bell
SHOW #436/1/75 Peter Skellern, Family, Kahn, Flaming Youth, The Move, Sailor, Renaissance, Jeff Beck Interview
SHOW #446/8/75 Steve Hillage, Ian Hunter Interview, Mick Ronson Interview, Jumbo Jet, Martin Whale
SHOW #456/15/75 Slade, Fox, Pilot, Roger Daltrey Interview, Be Bop Deluxe, Nutz, Status Quo
SHOW #466/22/75 Desmond Decker, Michael Moorcock, The Neutrons, Hummingbird, Sweet, Kevin Coyne, Nutz, Queen
SHOW #476/29/75 John Cale, Paul Kossoff, Fairport Convention, Camell\, Keith Moon Interview, Tea, Blacfoote, Cockney Rebel
SHOW #487/6/75 The Hurricanes, 9 Day’s Wonder, Randy Pie, Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Atlantis, Release Music Orchestra, Wallenstein, Triumvirat, Sweet
SHOW #497/13/75 Bay City Rollers, Alexix Korner, Rolling Stones, Free, CCS, Humble Pie, King Crimson, Snape, Alexis Korner, Roy Wood
SHOW #507/20/75 Man, Dave Edmunds, Gentle Giant Live Concert, Pete Winfield
SHOW #517/27/75 10CC Ray Thomas Interview & Music w/ Alan Freeman, Nazareth, Robert Wyatt, Roy Harper, Hawkind, Nazareth
SHOW #528/3/75 Caravan Interview & Music, Omega, Panta Rei, Midnight Sun, Le Orme, Novalis, Jukka Tollonen, Trace, Camel music from Denmark, Sweden, Germany, & Hungary
SHOW #538/10/75 Procol Harum Interview & Music w/Alan Freeman, Bryan Ferry, The Pretty Things, Kraan, Trevor Williams, Wigwam, Sweet
SHOW #548/18/75 Bad Company Interview & Music, Kossof Kirke Tetsu Rabbit, Mott the Hoople, King Crimson
SHOW #558/24/75 The Status Quo Interview & Music, Rory Gallagher Interview & Music, Mud, Judas Priest, UFO, Rory Gallagher, Staus Quo, Nazareth, Queen
SHOW #568/31/75 Queen Live Concert, BeBop Deluxe, Sweet, Cockney Rebel, Nutz
SHOW #579/7/75 Sparks, Jet, Kevin Ayers, Druid, Eno, Fox
SHOW #589/14/75 Ten Years After, Alvin Lee Interview & Music, Smokey,
SHOW #599/21/75 Pilot Interview & Music Babe Ruth – U.S. LP premiere, Pete Wingfield
SHOW #6O9/18/75 Rick Wakeman Interview & Music in London, Strawbs, David Bowie, Yes
SHOW #6110/5/75 George Harrison, 90-minute Interview & Music in London w/Alan Freeman
SHOW #6210/12/75 Camel, Peter Bardens Interview & Music w/Alan Freeman, The Rolling Stones, Seventh Wave, The Long Hello, Procul Harum
SHOW #6310/19/75 Savoy Brown,Kim Simmonds Interview & Music, Smokey, Satin Whale, Libra, Guru Guru, Danny Kirwin, Frankie Miller
SHOW #6410/26/75 Peter Frampton Interview & Music Nektar – U.S. premiere of “Recycled”, Mike Olfield, Peter Frampton, Tomita
SHOW #6511/2/75 David Essex Interview & Music w/ Alan Freeman Caravan – Live Concert, Man
SHOW #6611/9/75 The Tubes Interview & Music Sparks, Barclay James Harvest, Kayak, Lucifer’s Friend, Gilgamesh, Quiet Sun
SHOW #6711/16/75 Fleetwood Mac Interview & Music, Wigwam, Streetwalkers, Peter Green, Mike Oldfield, The Wailers
SHOW #6811/23/75 Jimmy Cliff Interview & Music Toots & the Maytals Live Concert
SHOW #6911/30/75 Steve Harley & Cockney Rebels Live Concert & Interview & Music, Roxy Music, Can, Queen
SHOW #7012/7/75 Dave Mason Interview & Music w/Alan Freeman Orleans – Live Concert, PFM, Gryphon
SHOW #7112/14/75 Monty Python Interview & Musicin London w/ Alan Freeman, Steeleye Span, Clive John, Dr. Feelgood, Wigwam, A. Raincoat, Howard Werth
SHOW #7212/21/75 Mott the Hoople Interview & Music, Bryan Ferry, The Pretty Things, Genesis, Pete Townshend
SHOW #73 12/281/75 Kinks, Ray Davies Interview & Music, Hustler, The Sweets, Spiders, Cockney Rebels

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