The syndication of the “Rock Around The World” Library of original interviews, performance shows, and newspapers has finally arrived! This comprehensive library of shows remains as relevant today as it did in the ’70s. It embodies and memorializes the spirit of the commitment to music that was shared by performers and the audience alike. With over 200 shows, one can experience the highest octane nostalgia of the seminal years of rock’s greatest artists. The shows and issues truly represent a critical time when music sang with electricity without the processed blandness of today. As the world shrinks through accelerated media transfer, the record of the roots of popular culture as represented by the Rock Around The World Show becomes more valuable. The relationship has been leveraged and expanded into the present via the Internet, where the show receives thousands of hits a week. “Rock Around The World” provides an essential link between the past and present, and I’m grateful to all who made it possible.